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Love my Clients!

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Please take a look at a recent comment a client left on my LinkedIn page.  This is what I live for, and why I love my job!

“I couldn’t be happier with the work Cynthia did for my home remodel. She had ideas I never would have conceived, and the end result is phenomenal.

I was initially unsure of the wall color she suggested, but, once it was on the walls, it made the wood furniture ‘pop’ just like she said it would, and I love it.

I’m especially pleased with the master bedroom. I couldn’t make the space ‘flow’, but her re-placement of our furniture created a room I enjoy immensely.

Finally, Cynthia helped me meet my goal of displaying all the decorative pieces and art work, so they didn’t languish in a closet. The end result is natural and uncluttered; several guests have commented favorably on wall groupings she designed.” October 12, 2011

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative

1st Maura Raffensperger, M.A.
hired Cynthia as a Interior Design in 2010, and hired Cynthia more than once

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So glad they covered ‘lighting’ on Home Design with Kevin Sharkey today on Martha Stewart Living XM… Christopher Spitzmiller was a special guest, talking about all his designs in lamps and input into lighting.

Here are some take-aways from today’s show:

1) Buying a lamp shade with out a lamp, is like buying a hat without a head… Make sure once you’ve found the shade you want, you take it with you when shopping for the perfect lamp!  Only then will you have a good idea of what they look like paired together.

2) Do not use overhead lighting unless it’s for utility purposes.  Overhead lighting is never flattering, so only use it when necessary.  If you have overhead lighting, make sure it’s on a dimmer!  They’re fairly easy to install yourself, and they’ll make a world of difference.  Using lighting in various places in a room can add depth and dimension you can only achieve when you have a variety: Floor lamps, table lamps, and dimly lit ceiling lights.

3) Installing a light over any art – this will always make it pop and stand out.

4) Wouldn’t recommend 100w bulbs, unless it’s a reading lamp.    Even so, make sure it’s on a dimmer or multi-level bulb so if you’re having guests over you can turn it down.  Christopher recommends starting with 75w bulbs in any lamp.

Biggest mistake people usually make in lighting is too much lighting in a room.  Think about keeping ‘even’ lighting throughout the whole room.

Most common mistake Christopher sees in home lighting:  Installing the lampshade too high.  No hardware should be showing on a table or floor lamp, this can ruin any good design.

Trends: You’ll start to see a lot of blues in accents, especially in lamps this year.

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Summer Love In!

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Enjoy the SUMMERtime with those you LOVE IN your own home!  Beat any hesitation of throwing a party, and be the summer’s hottest host and get creative!

Our homes are a reflection of ourselves so I challenge you to find or make one new accessory for your kitchen that you can’t wait to show your friends when they arrive.  This should be a great way to catapult your creativity and inspire other affordable ways to tie in the paper napkins, paper plates, hand towels, flowers from your yard, and food you prepare.  Remember, the more you use from what you already have in your home and garden, the more stimulated you will feel!

Here’s a taste of what I’m talking about…

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The Month of Love

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Enjoy the colors of Valentine’s in your home without spending a dime!  On Valentine’s, no need to buy red table decor, simply cook with some yummy RED marinara sauce, put some Rose wine on the table, and find some pretty vanilla, grapefruit, or apple candles to spice it up.  (Don’t be afraid to use all three!)  With the flowers your sweet-heart will be bringing home to you, this is a simple, classy, festive way to celebrate with those you love.

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Design tip of the day

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A wonderful way to warm up a room and get an instantly cozy feel is to keep throw blankets around your living spaces.  Not only will this invite someone to curl up on the couch, watch a movie or read a book, but it is a great way to bring in your seasonal colors and patterns while keeping it simple.  Throw blankets are something you’ll find at any designer discount store throughout the year, so when you see a good deal consider buying it even if it is off season so you’ll have it when the timing is right!

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